Scattered Winds


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Dec 24, 2009
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Los Angeles
Hi Bob, hope you enjoy. Al



What is a boy but a wind
hither and yon, four corners and gone
living forever with no taint of sin
what is a boy but a wind

I remember a summer day so hot and wet
the dojo doors were open to cool the sweat
we bowed to passersby as they peered in
smiles were traded for knowing grins

I stepped outside to wring my gi
water splashed like my youthful glee
this moment--forever will I be
this moment--forever will I be


What is time but the passing of wind
muscles have replaced my youthful trim
duty has come to inspire the wind
gathered we all--in a divine wind

One classmate so much better than I
was given a sword for his will to fly
the metal was cheap but his soul was not
flying to kill a ship he was shot

Those days were lived as if in a cloud
with never a thought of failure allowed
as if in lines we advanced so proud
until the divine wind was scattered by a cloud


An old man is naught but remembrance of breeze
hard life gone soft and taking his ease
until the eyes shutter in memory
seeking again the one moment to be

The dojo is gone disappeared in flames
gone are the walls and the legends of names
gone are the gis and the summer sweat
gone is everything, gone, yet...

There is a spirit higher than wind
that guarantees little winds again
some day will come when dreams aren’t shattered
some day will gather little winds that were scattered

Al Case has practiced martial arts for 4O+ years. He has written hundreds of articles and had his own column in Inside Karate. He has developed the science of Matrixing, which enables an artist to de-corrupt his art and return it to original workability. You can get a free ebook about his method at Monster Martial Arts.