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Sep 20, 2004
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To our FMA brothers We invite you to the Rapido Realismo Kali Event this year and hope to see you here and support fellow FMA practitioners. (to the moderators hope you can allow us to post it here, tnx.)

Rapido Realismo Kali Interantional
Punong Guro Henry Espera
Philippines 2006
Kali Warrior and Mastery Training Camp
November 6 December 11, 2006
(One Month Intensive Basic Instructor Training Certification Camp)
All inquiries, assistance with planning, and reservations contact:
Guro Isagani Abon
VP, Director of Training - RRKI

RAPIDO REALISMO KALI : Filipino Martial Arts
Rapido Realismo is a Filipino fighting system which christened and officially founded on April of 1997, Master Henry Espera's form of self defense made for modern times. A combination of two Filipino adapted word from Spain, Rapido means rapid, quick, and fast; and Realismo means realism or realistic, when combine means rapid realism fighting arts: an art designed to work fast and realistic under stressful condition filled with ferocious aggressor.
Rapido Realismo are a Blade Oriented fighting system, the Rapido Realismo Kali/Arnis or Espera Kali/Arnis for weaponry with subsystem called Rapido Realismo Sabakan or Espera Sabakan for hand to hand. Most modern day martial artist tend to focus more on a combative sport aspect of the arts, They ignored and totally banned and replace those technique that are brutal, aggressive, simple to apply yet street effective against hostile attacker. RRMA concept differ and opposed them, it was a combative arts intended to combat hostile situation against you and your loveones.
As a street defense realist, Punong Guro Espera doesn't like to comes out with a fighting system that lacks personal and character development. He doesn't believe those system lacking with this components " It's just the same as designing an arts or program of self defense for brawler and hoodlums and not for those ordinary law abiding citizen who need it and which who only want to walk and live in their environment safely and peacefully. He want to help us preserve God's greatest gift to us, our Life. Master Espera want to teach his student to learn fighting skills as well as discipline. Artistic move and method are added to capture the eye's of an audience but not beautiful enough to lose it's effectiveness.
He believe's in a private or semi private method of teaching ( one on one or limited trainee ) . This have done normally by those great old Master and Grand master to impart knowledge and skills to their student as good and as fast as they can. He preserve those method in his system and add a bit of modern scientific teaching method and training. Every student trained and learned the same lesson but different in perspective. Every student are free to explore, add his own technique and move freely in accordance to RRMA's principles and his body built. That's the reason why Rapido Realismo are not popular up to this day. A non commercial street effective combative arts.