Press Release: Jennifer Garner's "Elektra" Co-star Cary Tagawa Set to Attend the Mega

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Jennifer Garner's "Elektra" Co-star Cary Tagawa Set to Attend the Mega Martial Arts Expo

Cary Tagawa of the soon to be released blockbuster film "Elektra", co-starring Jennifer Garner, will be at the Mega Martial Arts Expo in Atlantic City NJ.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 1, 2004 -- It was announced today that Hollywood star Cary Tagawa will be attending The Mega Martial Arts Expo Weekend ( in Atlantic City New Jersey in January 2005.

Cary Tagawa is one of the co-stars of the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox blockbuster film “Elektra” ( ) starring Jennifer Garner of the hit show “Alias” and the film “DareDevil”, Terrence Stamp, of “Star Wars Episode I” and “Wall Street” , Wiil Yun Lee of the Bond movie “Die Another Day” and Goran Visnjic of the hit show “ER”.

Cary Tagawa has starred in such feature films as “The Art of War” with Wesley Snipes, “American Me” with Edward James Olmos, “Showdown in Little Tokyo” with Dolph Lundgren, Bond film “License to Kill” with Timothy Dalton, and he has also starred on the hit television show “Star Trek, The Next Generation”.

“Having Cary at the event is always a positive inclusion, he has always been a supporter of the Mega Martial Arts Expo and a good friend. I am really thrilled that his film career is going so well, the “Elektra” movie by Twentieth Century Fox looks like it’s going to be a big hit, and he deserves the accolades that come along with it.” Said Alan Goldberg, Publisher of “Action Martial Arts Magazine”.

We urge those that are looking to attend this years Mega Martial Arts Expo as well as the “Academy Awards of Martial Arts” ceremony that will be taking place that Saturday night to get their tickets early as the award ceremony will more than likely sell out weeks before the event. Go to for more details.

“Elektra” will be opening at a theater near you on January 14, 2005,

Other prestigious names that are slated to be in attendance are “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Joe Piscopo, “The Karate Diva” Karen Sheperd, Martial Arts Legend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Martial Arts star Don “The Dragon” Wilson, 5 Time UFC Champion Frank Shamrock, “Italian Bad Boy” Chuck Zito, Phil Morris, Stephen Hayes, Michael Depasquale, Cynthia Rothrock, Joe Lewis, Kathy Long and more. Also being represented there are the “Black Salt” film and video game series, as well as the “Martial Arts History Museum”. The Mega Martial Arts Weekend will take place at the world famous Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey from January 14th to the 16th, 2005.

About the Mega Martial Arts Weekend
The Action Martial Arts Magazine’s “Mega Martial Arts Weekend”, at the Tropicana Casino & Resort has set the mark as a Premier International Martial Arts Event. Action Martial Arts Magazine and Creative Impressions Group Inc combined the worlds elite Film/TV celebrities; with the highest ranking martial arts "Movers & Shakers" from the 5 continents of the world. This 4-year-old annual record-breaking event has caused the martial arts community to refer to it as "The Academy Awards of Martial Arts".

The Mega Martial Arts Weekend was created around Action Martial Arts Magazines record breaking Black Tie Banquet and the two-day Martial Arts Trade Show & Expo, created and produced with Pete Ticali, President of Creative Impressions Group and Alan Goldberg of Action Martial Arts Magazine, together they have established this event as both the largest catered event in Atlantic City history and one of the largest gathering of Martial Artists ever held anywhere. For more information go to

Disclaimer: Appearances are subject to change, please contact the Mega Martial Arts Weekend coordinators to confirm the attendance of those announced.

For information on advertising opportunities or for press inquiries for the 2005 Mega Martial Arts Weekend contact New Age Media Concepts at 888-463-9237, .

For more information about the movie “Elektra” go to or

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