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March 30, 2010
Contacts: Billy or Nancy Greer
For Immediate Release:

Martial Hearts for Haiti Participants perform over 25,000 kicks to benefit
victims of the recent Earthquake in Haiti.

Arnold, MD - On February 20th, the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi
held Martial Hearts for Haiti - a fundraiser that included a kick-a-thon,
kung fu demonstrations, door prizes and a dance party with Caribbean food
and music. Shifu Billy Greer, other instructors and students of Jing Ying
Institute, and students and instructors from sister schools Goh's Kung Fu
and Silk Dragon Martial Arts, participated in the kick-a-thon with a goal of
completing 1,000 kicks each. In addition, CSA Martial Arts and the Wong
People Kung Fu Association came out to support the event and made generous
donations. Collectively, over 25,000 kicks were thrown and $5,000 was raised
for CARE to benefit their work in Haiti.

The event began with a presentation by Marge Tsitouris of CARE who let
participants know about the work CARE was doing in Haiti to help them gain
an understanding of how the funds they raised would be used. CARE has relief
efforts around the world and is known for their efforts that focus on women
and children. Marge, the wife of Jing Ying Tai Chi student Doug Tsitouris,
was leaving the following day to go to Kenya.

Once everyone was informed of the needs in Haiti and how the funds would be
used to help, their resolve was strengthened and the kicking began. There
were flying kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks, speed kicks, power kicks
and combination kicks called out by Shifu Sean Marshall who also kept the
official count. The kicking was interspersed with demonstration of Kung Fu
and Tai Chi by Jing Ying, Goh's and Silk Dragon.

After the kick-a-thon, the event moved on to stage two - Caribbean-themed
food and refreshments provided a meal for the kickers and other guests. In
addition to the wonderful food, a Tiki-bar was set up with several blenders
kept busy providing a variety of non-alcoholic tropical drinks. The night
then moved on to stage three - DJs playing Caribbean themed music for
dancing. An incredible light system donated by "DJ Midnite," Tim Belran
provided a laser light show, smoke machine, strobes and more.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to CARE, an international
relief and development organization. They are a highly rated charity with a
proven record of providing rapid and high-impact programs. More information
can be found at

About Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi
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Billy L Greer
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