Nightmare Before Christmas ("new" album)


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May 31, 2006
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North Augusta, SC
Anyone who knows me personally knows that my favorite movie of all time is the Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. I love that movie more than any other movie ever made and thought I knew pretty much everything about it.
Today, I came across the "Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday" album, which has a picture of Jack Skellington on the cover and 10 songs inspired by the movie that sound as though they should have been in the movie. This is not the new stuff by Marilyn Manson and KORN where they redo the old songs. This is totally new stuff.
Has anyone else heard of this?
Also, I cannot google a site and find the lyrics for me and my kids. Seriously, this album is incredible.
You can dl it here:

Moderators, please delete that link if we can't share music. I don't know the legalities on sharing albums in megaupload form.

Does anyone have a link for the lyrics?

I am so excited about this!!!