Martial arts author Antonio Graceffo wins prestigious Malaysian martial arts award

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Martial arts author Antonio Graceffo wins prestigious Malaysian martial arts award

18 April 2011

Martial arts author Antonio Graceffo has been awarded the prestigious title of Pahlawan Silat Kalam (Kalam Warrior) in a ceremony attended by nearly 500 dignitaries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The award honours Graceffos achievements in the Malaysian martial art of Silat Kalam. He is the first non-Muslim student to achieve this award.

In paying tribute to his instructor, Grand Master Guru Dr. Mazlan Man, Graceffo said that learning Silat Kalam under Guru Mazlan was one of the most important experiences of my life in martial arts. He described Guru Mazlans public declaration of him as being the most important Kalam student ever as a significant honour.

Graceffo said that he is a proud beneficiary of Satu Malaysia, or One Malaysia, a government program that encourages openness through celebrating and enhancing the countrys multicultural diversity. Satu Malaysia is promoted by Grand Master Guru Dr. Mazlan Man and the Silat Kalam Association.

In addition to training with local students, Graceffo studied Bahasa Malay daily and gained a deeper understanding of Silat Kalams relationship with Islam.

Determined to live up to the responsibilities associated with his new title, Graceffo is relishing his new role as an ambassador for Silat Kalam. He has vowed to help Guru Mazlan promote the art across Malaysia and abroad, with requests for seminars in Silat Kalam coming from the United States, the Middle East and Europe.

The award ceremony, sponsored by the Malaysian government and Satu Malaysia, took place on April 3.



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