Luo Dexiu in Boston


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Jan 16, 2006
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Dragon Gate Internal Arts is once again pleased to host Master Luo Dexiu in Boston. This year we will be at Brookline Tai Chi again.
7/28/06 (6pm-9pm)-Chen Panling Taijiquan $65.00
7/29(1pm-5:30pm)-30/06(10am-12pm, 1:30-4pm)pm- Gao style xiantian pre-heaven circling palms
Laoshi has talked about teaching our Guanghua versions but depending on the skill level of the group he may want to teach the more developmental Tianjin versions. Each day will be $125.00 or $225.00 for the weekend. Please bring cash, no checks.

I was going to have Thursday (7/27) and Monday (7/31) as Yizong members only but I think I will open it up to others. As of now I have no Boston location so we may have to have it down here in Plymouth. These days Laoshi will teach line 7 (body methods) of Gao style houtian post-heaven linear methods.
For more info email me at, or call 508-524-3308.