Kyudo Program at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center in Northern California, May 18-21

Spencer Burns

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Jan 31, 2006
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San Francisco
Intermediate: May 17 (evening) May 21, 2006

Beginner: May 18 (evening) May 21, 2006


The contemplative practice of Kyudo, when taken up with patience and attention to detail, is a dynamic way to focus the mind and open the heart. Kyudo demands that we let go of our goals and expectations and live fully in the moment.

The physical aspect of Kyudo is inseparable from its spiritual aspect. The form and movements provide a subtle mirror of the mind at the moment of the arrows release.

In this retreat, beginners will receive training in the basic form of Kyudo, called The Seven Coordinations. The training is open to all, regardless of age, strength or physical skill.

Intermediate students will receive instruction in the basics and in formal group shooting.

The retreat will take place at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center Genjo-ji, which is under the guidance of Jakusho Kwong-roshi. This provides a unique opportunity for Kyudo training within the container of Zen Practice.

Traditional hand-crafted yumi as well as all other necessary equipment will be provided.


About the Instructor:
Don Symanski is a longtime Zen practitioner and a warm, skillful teacher. He has studied with Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX since 1980 and is currently the Head Instructor in the Heki-ryu Bisshu Chikurin-ha form of Kyudo.

Don learned traditional bow making with the Shibata Family in Kyoto.

Since 1991, he has made yumi, the Japanese bow, and taught Kyudo as a meditation path.

Cost: Intermediate: $300
Cost: Beginners: $225

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