Knife (Sayoc Kali) seminar in Rutherford, NJ this Saturday 7/29


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Jan 24, 2006
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A Seminar on Knife Tactics Offensive Techniques and Empty-Hand Defenses

Location: Hua Mountain Kung Fu, 15 Park Avenue 3rd floor, Rutherford, NJ.
Date: Saturday, July 29th
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Instructor: Jim Berkley
Cost: $50

For Information call 201-474-8495 or email

About Sayoc Kali:

The Sayoc Kali system focuses on correct and effective usage of edged weapons. The system includes knowledge of how to use a single knife, with a progression to the use of multiple blades, in conjunction with empty-hands training. Training includes edged-weapon handling, vital target discrimination, defense against and the practice of disarms, projectiles and finger-touch methodology used in conjunction with knife work. Students are also taught critical injury management.

About the Instructor:

Jim Berkley has over 35 years experience in martial arts and is a certified instructor in Sayoc Kali by Tuhon Chris Sayoc, the current head of the Sayoc system. His previous training includes over 10 years of Aikido training in Japan as a student of Steven Seagal, who certified Mr. Berkley as an instructor in the system, as well as training in Iaido and Goju-Ryu Karate. Mr. Berkley runs the Tactical Studies martial arts school in New York City and is available for seminars and private lessons.


This seminar will cover the basics of the knife for both offensive and defensive tactics. Information covered will include:
- Offensive and defensive concepts of edged weapons
- Grips and grip-changes
- Solo drills with the knife
- 2 Person drills for knife attack and empty-hand knife defenses
Those who have attended previous seminars will continue their progression through the system.