Isshin-Ryu Seminar with Sensei John Kerker March 30/31 2012, Champagne, Illinois

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Just posting this for Sensei Kerker. I've been to his seminar, it's terrific.

Presented by Sensei John Kerker
Open to all Styles and Ranks
Sponsored by Central Illinois Karate-ka
10th Year of Instruction
By Kerker’s Isshin-ryu Karate School

Sensei John Kerker has instructed many successful Isshin-ryu training seminars in the United States and Canada since the passing of Sensei Harrill in November of 2002. Mr. Kerker began his training in Isshin-ryu Karate with Sensei Sherman Harrill on April 16th 1987, and has been the Sensei at the Carson Dojo for the past 12 years. In Mr. Kerker’s Seminar’s the basics, kata, and the application of technique along with*Tatsuo Shimabuku’s kumite techniques are the things that will be stressed. These Seminars are open to all styles and ranks. Students and instructors from different martial arts schools, have been able to learn and apply these principals and techniques. Politics and rank aren’t part of these seminars, only good training and the study of proper execution of technique. All are welcome.

A note from Sensei Kerker: “I know I cannot, nor would I ever attempt to, take Sensei Harrill's place. Mr. Harrill never trained anyone in the Dojo to be his clone, but rather that your Karate-Do training helps you to become the best person that you can possibly be. Always remember that true Karate training begins and ends with courtesy. Sensei Harrill was a shining example of this. Sensei Harrill's expressed wish was that we all remain a family of Isshin-ryu students and that we celebrate and continue the training that he bestowed upon us the same way that he did with what he learned from Tatsuo Shimabuku. Nothing at the Seminars that I instruct will change from the format or the material that Sensei Harrill presented to us. That's what I know, and that's how I honor my Sensei. I don't pretend to have all the answers about everything, but together as Isshin-ryu Karate-ka we will do our best to ensure that Sensei Sherman Harrill's way of instructing Tatsuo Shimabuku's Isshin-ryu Karate will continue and prosper.”

John Kerker
1st Generation student of Sensei Sherman Harrill
2nd Generation student of Tatsuo Shimabuku
3rd generation student of Chotoku Kyan, Choki Motobu, Chojun Miyagi

Instructor: Sensei John Kerker of Kerker’s Isshin-ryu Karate School

Seminar topics: Friday – Please bring Bo, Sai, and Tonfa if available. We have some weapons on site.
Curriculum to be Announced on Friday Evening

Saturday (a.m.) – Curriculum to be Announced on Saturday Mourning

Saturday (p.m.) – Curriculum to be Announced on Saturday Afternoon.
Question and answer time, pertinent comments welcome.

Karate Seminar
Presented by
Kerker’s Isshin-ryu Karate School

Instructor: Sensei John Kerker

Registration: Friday March 30, 2012 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Saturday March 31, 2012 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Date and time: Friday March 30, 2012 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday March 31, 2012 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fees: Adults $60.00 Pre-registration, prior to seminar (includes Friday night and Saturday)
$70.00 at the door (includes Friday night and Saturday)
$40.00 At the Door (1/2 day attendance, [9:00 to 12:30] or [1:00 to 4:30])
$20.00 Weapons and open forum
Fees: Youth $45.00 Entire Seminar
$20 Half-day attendance
$15 Weapons and open forum

Location: Friday – Sidney TWSP Hall, 102 East Byron, Sidney, Illinois (just North of the Business District, at the intersection of Byron and David streets). Showers are not available at this location.

Saturday – Sidney TWSP Hall, 102 East Byron, Sidney, Illinois (just North of the Business District, at the intersection of Byron and David streets). Showers are not available at this location.

Note: Any one requiring additional information please contact Mel Sims at (217)649-5245 or (217)688-2538.
Pre-registration: Mel Sims, 401½ Tempa Drive, Sidney, Illinois 61877
Meals: Lunch will be catered by Monicals Pizza of St. Joseph and will be served at 12:30. Orders will be taken during registration, Saturday morning. The selection offers a sandwich or personal pizza, chips, and a soft drink for $6.
Following tradition, we will be dining at Alexander’s Steak House Saturday evening, after the seminar.
To pre-register, please send your completed release form and check payable to:
Mel Sims
401½ Tempa Drive
Sidney, Illinois 61877

Kerker’s Isshin-ryu Karate School

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