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Jul 9, 2006
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HFY Workshop in Dayton, Oct. 20-21

Grand Master Garrett Gee, inheritor of the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun System, will be coming to Dayton on Friday October 20th to Sunday October 22nd. During his visit, we will be having several special events:

A two-day public workshop on Saturday and Sunday open to all

A public dinner/banquet on Saturday night, open to all students and families

This is a great opportunity to meet the Grand Master of the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun kung fu family. He's been involved with martial arts since he was 5 years old, learning his family's kung fu system. Grand Master Gee's father, Grand Master Peter Kim Ho Chu, was a direct student of many famous masters in China and holds the title of successor to many rare types of kung fu. Grand Master Gee's Grand Father was the General in charge of the Wong Bo Military Academy, similar to West Point here in the United States.

Dinner with the Grand Master is a fascinating time as he shares many stories from his life in China, growing up under the Cultural Revolution, and learning martial arts both inside and outside his family's kung fu.

The topic of the workshop is going to be on the Ng Lonn Ying Jong Faat, the Five Wheel Reactional Drill. This exercise is a stage in the Kwan Sau Kiu Sau. Kwan Sau Kiu Sau is part of the Sei Bun Dim Kiu Sau (4 1/2 point kiu sau) logic flow in training. Sei Bun Dim Kiu Sau is taught in several progressions:

Sei Dim Bun Kiu Sau, 4 1/2 Point Kiu Sau
Fau Kiu Kiu Sau
Faat Sau Kiu Sau
Deui Ying Kiu Sau
Bong Laap Kiu Sau
Kwan Sau Kiu Sau

Ng Lonn Ying Jong Faat, five progressions
Ying - Shape
Chung - Force
Lau - Flow
Saat - Strike
Fa - Neutralize

Even if you have limited Kiu Sau experience, this will be a great workshop - a real eye opener in terms of understanding Kiu Sau, energy, and inside the box training.

Contact the Ving Tsun Museum for further details, lodging and workshop pricing:

Ving Tsun Museum
5715 Brandt Pike
Dayton, OH 45324
(937) 236-6485 (ph/fx)
host @

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