Hock Hochheim Bedford/Cleveland, OH - February, 2006

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Land of the Free
Two Upcoming Seminars In Ohio
Police Judo/Worst Case Scenario/CQC/Pac ...

Train for Certification or Knowledge ...

Hock Hochheim Announces the Following Events

February 11 - 12, 2006
Bedford/Cleveland, OH

- Fighting Off Attackers
- Countering Weapons Real World Ground Fighting
Your Next Rank Requirement Tactics
Plus other great skill and knowledge drills, Rank and instructorship advancement opportunities. Or just train for knowledge. All skill levels welcome.

12 noon to 7 pm Saturday
11 am to 5:30 pm Sunday
$150 at the door for two days
$100 for any one single day
Group rate! Bring all of your official Group for $600
Location: Second Floor, 124 Ellenwood Avenue, Bedford, Ohio Your local contact? Keith Collins at 216- 990-5741.

Please wear street clothes and mat shoes or footwear suitable for wearing on training mats. Bring eye protection, a replica pistol, knife and two sticks, and two focus mitts. If you do not have these, some will be available for borrow or sale. If you have a battery-powered airsoft pistol, please bring it.

February 13 - 14, 2006:
SEALE PoliceAcademy, Bedford/Cleveland, OH area
Law Enforcement and L.E.O. Trainers Only!

W. Hock Hochheim's POLICE JUDO “Old School Meets New School, Meets Old School Again”

Seminar in Northern Ohio/Cleveland Metro Area SEALE POLICE ACADEMY

9 am to 5 pm each day. Second Floor, 124 Ellenwood Avenue, Bedford, Ohio

$150 for two days. $100 for any one day
Group rates! $600 for up to 12 people in your organization!
Contact Director Ron Borsh for more location details.
Call (440) 232-7600
Customized: - with positional and situational scenarios.
- methods and strategies for all shapes and sizes.
- fighting for plainclothes and uniformed personnel.
- tricks and tactics standing and ground fighting.
- with moral, ethical and legal use of force issues.

Worst Case Scenarios:
- hand, stick, knife and gun ground fighting.
- vital, extreme CQC airsoft, pistol scenarios.
- counters to knife and gun quick draws.
- enforcement control and contain, arrest, takedowns.
- enforcement Impact weapon blocking, striking and grappling.
- enforcement Knife/Counter-Knife.
- enforcement impact weapon blocking, striking and grappling.
- enforcement Gun/Counter-Gun.

Nothing is patented! No intellectual property issues! This information saves lives. Spread the word!

Most of all? Affordable, mission-oriented, life-saving training on your back lot, in your training room!

Instructorships available, or just train for knowledge.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an offical law enforcement/security employee you may attend both events, the second one dedicated to enforcement training for a full 4 day training experience! All 4 days $300!

Also Announcing the release of: Joint Cranks and Locks at: Joint Cranks and Locks and

Ground Strike Force at: Ground Strike Force and

Invading Knives at: Invading Knives
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About Lauric Enterprises Incorporated
Lauric Enterprises, Inc., is the parent company of The Hochheim Group. Both companies were founded by W. Hock Hochheim. We produce books, DVDs and magazines based on hand, stick, knife and gun close quarter combat. Hock conducts 40 or more seminars per year.

Learn more about us at ourwebsite at: www.HocksCQC.c om

W. Hock Hochheim
W. Hock Hochheim thehochheimgroup@sbcglobal.net
phone: 817-581-4021


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LEO's...If it's been awhile since you had any type of updated hand-to-hand training this would be an excellent oppetunity for all..Besides the training Hock has some excellent stories to share..