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Jan 19, 2012
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Hi there,

New to the forum. Glad to have found it. Been trawling the web for a while for a martial arts forum which is 'alive' with good throughput of traffic and posts.

Probably to many of your dismays, and others joy I'm another TKD practioner (ITF). However, I do enjoy the cultural, theory and historical (although modern in the case of TKD) aspects of martial arts.

My chief instructor is a V Dan, who himself trains under a VIII Dan within the ITF, so defo not a McDojang. :)

I am aware of the sad state of affairs within TKD, such as blackbelt factories etc. For example we just had a girl join our Dojang from another where she was 4th kup. However her patterns were sloppy, knew no set sparring and had some kind of red dobok. However, this is no fault of her own, and credit must be given to her parents for realising that this independant school was just after their money and creating a poor quality of black belt.

Despite financial and time constraints, I'd like to supplement my TKD striking with something more constant contact / close quarters. I'm really interested in wrist manipulation, but realise it takes a long time and a lot of pain to be proficient. My objective wouldn't necessarily be progression through ranks - just knowledge of control & manipulation.

So here's your chance to pitch something I could do casually as an aside to my TKD.



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Jul 13, 2010
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Goodells, MI
Welcome to MT sub! A good friend of mine is ITF from Texas, Im glad to see TKD seeing some of the pitfalls that have created a generalization for all martial arts!