Hatsumi 'Bojutsu DVD review


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Apr 14, 2004
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Darasu Tekisasu
This is over all a ok to poor DVD.
Please let me pass on to you my reason before you get twisted by them..

The display of different styles of bo were very good.

The basic training outline given in the DVD in the first part is really ok.. but covers the kukishinden ryu beginner training as seen in Hatsumi sensei Bojutsu book.
The students who are doing the demos seem to be very weak in their technique and understanding of the rokushakubo. I'm not sure if this is a result of not training in these skills or having a lack of instruction in these skills.

I feel there should have been a lot more instruction on te sabaki, ashi sabaki, and tai sabaki... with he rokushakubo.... not sure why this was left out.
The kukishinden ryu taihenjutsu is to have a low posture because of it's historical nature but this is not seen during this demo of the bo.

The keiko sabaki gata were done well by Hatsumi sensei but very poorly by his students. Again the students looked unbalanced and as if they do not train in these skills. Not sure why.
The forms were done with almost no energy and passion by the students.. almost as if they didn't wish to be there... Really no cambative feeling at all.
But I had a conversation with Kan sensei in 1989 about the bojutsu in Japan.. he did tell me they had little if any training in Japan with the bo at this time. OK..

The best part of the DVD was when Hatsumi sensei did the last set of rokushakubo on his own.. he was great to watch and you could see his passion by this tool in being used. His balance and control was very good regardless if he slipped and lost control a couple of times during motion...

I give this DVD a 6 out of 10 for instruction and content.
A good example but there are a few DVDs out there that are far better on the rokushakubo... of kukishinden ryuha..
The music, color and edit job was 10 out of 10.. always great.

ralph severe, kamiyama