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Sep 11, 2006
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Ptk Global Council Of Instructors
By GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje Jr - Tue, 24 Jul 2007 14:25:52 GMT
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Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system, worldwide leading authority in Edged Impact Weapon training program recognized by the Criminal Justice Systems in the United States , Armed Forces of the Philippines ,the Philippine National Police and Austrian Cobra Commandos and Military Commandos of Austria, Special Forces 19th GRoup, UTAH USA,The United States Marine Corps joint Military Exercise in the Philippines ( Balikatan Exercises) from 2000 to the present time, Organizations of top Corporations under the YOUNG PRESIDENTS ORGANIZATIONS 88 countries worldwide..Pekiti-Tirsia Edged Weapon Technology played a major enhancement technology in the field of survival strategy and tactics applied in the battlefield of Mindanao to the heartland of Iraq,the Philippine Marines in Mindanao and the US Marines in Iraq and Afghnistan had many life saving situations that the Edged Weapon tactics had saved so many lives. In business and in private life, Edged Weapon discipline had made a great impact on awareness, preparedness, and absolute execution of protection that saves many lives .

Edged weaponry is once of the most deadliest system that is creeping into the mainstream of the present society today. It is silent and deadly expressed in weapons of different design of different sizes and different length. Regardless of its description Edged Weapon is harmful as it was in the past centuries more so in the present generation of civilized world.

Civilization cannot remove uncivilized murderous ideologist nor educated mentally imbalanced persons with frustrated emotions. Crimes are just around the corner,country ,city ,transportation, homes rich and poor, Edged Weaponry is the re-awakening insence of civilization.

Pekiti-Tirsia is securing the edged weaponry as a technology by providing a special Licencing Instructors program in the Philippines to start on February 2008 with an interval of thirty days continuing program for people who cannot be in the Philippines on the designated dates but may come on future schedules.

Grand Opening of the Licensing Instructor candidate Course
Date: Febrauary 5-15, 2008
Place : PTK Soleads Global Training Command Center, Lipa Batangas , Philippines
Course: Edged Impact Weapon Close Quarter Tactical Response Course
Time Period: 10 days Intensive Outdoor/ Indoor Course : 8-10 hours per day training routine:
A. Academics ( Theory ) 2 hours of the 8 hours
B. Field Academics( Practice) 5-6 hours
Subject Breakdown:
A.Introduction to Edged Weapon Culture : Force Recon Marines Lecturer: Capt. R. Bongalbal : Philippine Military Academy
B.Philosophy, Culture and History: Professor Jay Bataclan ,University of the Philippines
C.Ideology Impact to Civilization: GT. Leo Gaje Supreme Grandmaster
D.Will Power Strategy Development: Gt Leo Gaje: Supreme Grandmaster
E.Austrian Cobra Commandos Strategic Training on Edged Weaponry: Mandala Uli Weidle -Managing Director :pekiti-Tirsia kali European orgnization: Training Director for Austrian Cobra Commandos.
F.Security Corporate Management Skill: Mandala Timothy Waid, Security Director Texas Instrument, Dallas Texas USA
G.Defensive Tactics Training Structure proposal strategy: Mandala Douglas Marcaida.
E Physical Fitness Speed strategy conditioning , Endurance and Stamina : Mataas na Guro Gabriel Martinez: Chief Instructor Challenge Fitness , San Antonio, Texas , A certified Microsoft Programmer , USA

Field Operations: Strategic Skill Development

A.Combined Technology Handgun and Knife strategy Familiarization: Mandala Rommel Tortal , Resident Training Director ; Philippine Marine Corps, Certified Combat Scuba Instructor, Philioppine Marine Corps
Military/Law Enforcement Chief Training Director : Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System

B.Special Skill Knife Combat Strategy and Tactics: Supreme Grandmaster Leo T. Gaje, Jr.of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System

C.Special Jungle Environmental survival training: Chief Director Michael Alcaraz of the Survival Outdoor Leadership School ( Soleads)

D.Visual Tracking and Combat Planning Strategy;
1. Master Sergeant Sandy Torres. Force Recon Marines
2. Master Sergeant William Baltazar Force Recon Marines
3. Master Sergeant Manuel Prado Force Recon Marines

E.Special Emergency Response Tactics: Jasper De Ocampo RN -Chief Paramedics Response Rescue Operations Team, Instructor Philippine Marine Corps.

F.Emergency Operations Assault Tactics; Officer Jared Wihongi: Chief Instructor Salt City Police Swat Team Academy, UTAH

G.Sea Air and Land tactical operations Strategy: Master Sergeant Gary Barnes: Special Forces 19th Group Utah, USA

H.Geo Spatial Intelligence Systems and Mobile Intelligence Collection systems : CEO Peter Rugato, Falchion Enterprises, San Jose CA. and Spatial TEchnologies Director : Lynnette Terrett

I. Philippine National Police Special Operations Tactical Response on Anti-Terrorism : Theory and Field Operations : Col Calixto : Chief Director Crisis Response Group (CRG) and Major Cautiver Special Action Force Commandos ( SAF)

Introduction to Gunology/Knifeometrics TEchnology: Mandala Timothy Waid: Executive Vice-President Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System, Security Director Texas Instrument Dallas, Texas USA and Mandala Michael Franciotti Close Quarter Shooting Strategist.Director Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system.

Justification/ legal defense strategy theory on Edged Impact Weapon Utilization program: Legal Practicioner Craig Carpenter

Additioonal Lecturer from the Philippines Legal System will be made available during the 10 days training program and specialist from different branch of services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Guest lecturer on Financial Management Banking Consultant for the Financial Crisis managment : Banker Boy Villanueva from Hongkong


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