February 2012 MartialTalk Magazine ReCap

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Here's a list of this past months articles:

Can I really fight back? How to Defeat Dudes Video Blog 2

Advice for people who feel afraid that they cant really fight back. Read entire article 罈

YouTube Roundup 2-27-12

A round up of interesting videos on Youtube today. Read entire article 罈

How to Defeat Dudes Video Blog 1

Wassup folks. Hope everyone is doing well and training hard. Just posted the first How to Defeat Dudes video blog up on Youtube, so if youd like to check it out, here is the link: In addition to keeping the show going, I hope to put out more of these as a way to supplement it, and discuss topics that there Read entire article 罈

Enter The Dojo: Ninjutsu is ********

Master Ken gives his top 5 reasons that Ninjutsu is inferior to Ameri-Do-Te. Read entire article 罈

What if, Ras stop asking what if? Dr. Ron Chap矇l
What if, Ras stop asking what if? In the last week Ive received 4 requests on this topic. So I guess its time to address it again! And there does seem to be some confusion on this forum of what the Ed Parker process is, that makes his commercial Kenpo product unique. So with a friendly nudge to Ras, and others What is the confusion with What Ifs in Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate? Read entire article 罈

Surviving the Initial Assault; BEAR HUGS Dr. Ron Chap矇l
There are several elements in a bear-hug assault you must contend with to be successful. You have a natural reflex response to move your hands forward and up to those arms that are crushing you. Whatever the intent of the attacker, to prevent or delay any attempt to lift you as your first response is imperative before you may then proceed to a counter action. In our curriculum, we have several components that examine the assault side of every technique before it begins. One of these is the Psychology of Confrontation. This specifically looks at the attackers actions, how they are triggered, and what is his/her immediate goal and ultimate intent. This is a tremendous aid Read entire article 罈

Enter The Dojo, Episode 8: Attack The Heart
Master Ken teaches his students to protect their hearts and destroy all others in this very special Valentines Day episode. Read entire article 罈

Katana History, and How to Take Care of It By Jeremiah Wilbur
The Katana Katana is the Japanese word for long sword. The katana was only wielded by the notorious sword masters, the Samurai. The katana is a long sword, with a slight curve, single edged, and have an extremely sharp point. The first katanas were actually a straight edged blade, and single edged. The Japanese later altered the sword style to a curved blade, to allow them to draw the katana more quickly. Read entire article 罈

Modern Arnis Minute #11 with Datu Tim Hartman
This issue of The Modern Arnis Minute is on footwork. Read entire article 罈

3 Ways to Develop Punching Speed in Martial Arts By John P Newport
Many people today want more power in their punches. Some people actually say that speed is not that important because a fight goes to the ground and becomes more grappling. So why bother to work on speed if its not going to be of any use? Developing speed will also increase the power that is delivered to your target. This is actually based on a physics formula to discover the amount force delivered from one object to another. So, if your punches become faster, then the amount of damage, you can do also increases. Read entire article 罈

Larry Tatum Interview
Insights from Larry Tatum on El Negocio the Movie! Larry shares his experiences on the set, the crew, fight scenes and much more. Read entire article 罈

Martial Art Schools The Good and Bad By John P Newport
An estimated two-million martial art schools are in operation in the United States alone. Some are small and operated out of the instructors garage while others may be franchise chains. Some of these are honest operations taught by highly skilled martial artists while others are outright scams. How is a person who has no knowledge of the martial arts industry supposed to sift through and find a great school without getting ripped off? The answer is quite simple if you are willing to go on a little journey. Read entire article 罈

How to Defeat Dudes: Useful Stuff for the Non-Martial Artist- Episode 3: Front Naked Choke
Martial Arts Master, former bodyguard, and action film actor Chuck Johnson discusses self-defense for non-martial artist. This episode offers a simple solution to a frontal choke. Chucks website: www.chuck-n-action.com Follow chuck on twitter at chuck_n_action Read entire article 罈

Jason Striker II

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Feb 17, 2012
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OMG!!! That guy is a friggin' genius. Give him an Academy Award.

* The Ninja mask is 70% bullsh*t

* Even when I'm naked - I'm fully armed

* We don't have slumber parties - we have slaughter parties

* I give them a handful of tootsie pops

Aw God, my stomach is killing me from laughing.

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