Fantasy Weapons, Are They for You? By Jeremiah Wilbur

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Fantasy Weapons, Are They for You?
By Jeremiah Wilbur

Fantasy weapons are generally a weapon that is made to replicate a fantasy creature, and often times a movie replica. They have been known to also be created to represent a special event in history. The great thing about these weapons are the possibilities are endless. We could make a weapon to depict an ancient war hero, or one wielded by a General in the Civil War.

Listed below are several fantasy weapons:

1. American Liberty Sword
2. Black Elf Sword
3. Conan the Barbarian (several different styles)
4. Excalibur
5. Ivanhoe
6. Sir Lancelot
7. Sword of Roland
8. Prince Valiant Sword
9. Merlin Dagger
10. King Richard
11. Robin Hood of Locksley
12. Odin
13. Attila the Hun
14. Don Quixote
15. Apocalypse Rider Sword

Now, a good majority of these depict something that has happened in some fantasy novel. The American Liberty Sword, however, clearly displays what we are as Americans. This particular sword symbolizes love of freedom, liberty and justice of the American people.

Many fantasy weapons are often times intricately designed. The craftsmanship is impeccable. Let's take the Apocalypse Rider Sword for example. This dark fantasy weapon depicts the four horsemen. The four horsemen represent: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death of which are closely follow by Hades. The hilt and blade of this fantasy weapon are intricately designed to represent the coming of the Apocalypse.

Other fantasy weapons are not so grim. The story of the Excalibur is well known among many generations, including young children. This sword was wielded by the well known King Arthur.

The question is, are these fantasy weapons for you? Or would you prefer a more realistic weapon such as a long sword from the medieval era, a rapier, or a pirate boarding sabre?

Listed below are a few other medieval style swords:

1. Templar Knight Battle Weapon
2. Clam Shell Rapier
3. Spanish Tizona Cup Hilt Rapier
4. Masonic Weapons
5. Tachi Meiji Samurai Sword
6. Katana Edo
7. Tanto Korekazu Samurai Dagger
8. Shirasaya Katana
9. El Cid Tizona Sword
10. Sword of Emperor Charlemagne
11. Sword of Roman Julius Caesar
12. Viking Sword
13. Sword of Christopher Columbus
14. Arabic Scimitar
15. Sword of King Solomon

Many of these medieval weapons have been wielded by legendary heroes in history. Would you rather hang a sword that was once wielded by King Solomon? Or would you prefer the sword of Conan the Barbarian? Both categories are highly decorative and are prized among sword collectors.

Personally, I enjoy both sets of weapons. Medieval weapons represent history, and fantasy weapons represent fiction.

I'll leave the decision to you.

This article was written by Jeremiah of the Marto Armory.

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