EDT Program at N. VA Police Academy


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Jul 1, 2002
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Braving rain, snow and a "traffic stop", Datu Hartman arrived in Northern V.A. safe and sound this week. He was one of 2 featured Instructors teaching the Arlington PD Street Crimes Unit/Jump Out Team. Training began with a morning session of Hand Combatives covered by Investigator Loconti (LCSO). Then the afternoon session Datu Hartman covered the EDT program. Datu Hartman fit right in with the Unit members and all had a informative training session.
Future training sessions are already being discussed and all are eager for more! The Hand Combatives covered were "Gross Motor" skill strikes encompassing "Cup Hand Blows", Hammer Fists, Axe Hand and Elbows, Forearm strikes and various low line kicks.
The EDT program blended well into the various hand postioning shown to execute the Hand strikes (Hand Position #4 of 4).
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