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Brian Johns

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Oct 8, 2001
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To whom it may concern:

Below is a review of three DVDs by Datu Kelly Worden for your consideration:

A few months ago, I purchased Datu Kelly Worden’s newly released DVDs, entitled “Anyo Baston- Beyond Form!” and “Anyo Isa- Beyond Form!” In a nutshell, I highly recommend getting these two DVDs for those of you wanting to deepen your understanding of the Modern Arnis anyos as bequeathed to us by the late great Professor Remy A. Presas.

These DVDs illustrate the impressive depth of knowledge that Datu Worden brings to bear to unlocking the keys to understanding the Anyos in a functional, practical way. As he often says, “on the streets there is no tapout! In these DVDs, Datu Worden draws upon his long martial arts career and training in diverse systems and gives us guidance to understanding Professor Presas’ anyos in a deeper way.

The DVDs contains more than just an endless number of extraction of techniques from Anyo Isa and the Baston Anyos. Datu Worden delves into the structure of the anyos, the progressions and the connections. He draws upon sources such as Modern Arnis, Wing Chun, JKD and other martial arts in explaining various aspects of the Anyos. He covers concepts such as trapping hands, crossada and empty hand Palis Palis. He effortlessly cross references and connects these concepts to other arts that he has studied over his life.

In the Anyo Baston DVD, he covers the structure of Anyos Isa, Dalawa, and Tatlo and applications thereof. He also demonstrates the inherent flexibility of these anyos by performing them with different weapons configurations as well as empty handed. Datu Worden truly illustrates how to expand the anyos beyond the surface and towards deepening the understanding of Modern Arnis. He demonstrates concepts such as structure, positional control, offensive and defensive striking, takedowns, joint locks, counters and the flow that is central to Modern Arnis. I saw a lot of material that relates to my own personal martial arts training and for this reason, these DVDs are a valuable addition to one’s own martial arts DVD collection.

Datu Worden was kind enough to include a bonus DVD, his successful seminar in Germany, hosted by Datu Dieter Knuttel. This hour and a half DVD covers an astonishing array of concepts and techniques as formulated by his long martial arts career. He covers everything from baston to empty hand, anyos, joint locks, takedowns, and his travel wrench. He cross references and connects between systems to show the attendees how to find “the art within the art.” This DVD is highly recommended as well!