Datu Hartman's 2012 appearances.

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Sep 27, 2004
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I will be posting the full 2012 schedule after it is finalized. Here is the list so far:

January 14th & 15th Buffalo, New York - WMAA New year Party and CIT Course

January 20th & 21st Atlantic City, New Jersey - Teaching at the Action Martial Arts & Hall of Honors

January 28th & 29th San Francisco, California - Teaching at the Senkotiros Sama Sama Gathering

February 1st Buffalo, New York Presas Arnis seminar at WNY Karate Center.

February 11th &12th Toronto, Canada Will be available for meetings or private lessons

March 3rd & 4th Columbus, Ohio Will be at the Arnold Classic

March 12th Mt. Gilead, Ohio Presas Arnis seminar at Wolfpak Martial Arts

March 24th & 25th Saratoga, New York Teaching at the Saratoga Martial Arts Festival

April 21st Milford, Connecticut Presas Arnis Seminar at Lacava Martial Arts

May 5th Buffalo, New York Buffalo Niagara Laban Laro 10 Tournament

May 6th Buffalo, New York Presas Arnis CIT course

June 4th - 6th Barbados Teaching at the Caribbean Martial Arts Expo

June 23rd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Modern Arnis Hall of Fame and Training Camp

July 1st - 4th Las Vegas, Nevada Datu Hartman will be attending the MAIA Show. Will be available for training.

July 22nd 29th Philippines Teaching at the 6th FMA Festival

August 10th 12th Buffalo, New York WMAA World Training Camp

September 22nd Buffalo, New York Buffalo / Niagara Martial Arts Festival

September 28th 30th Dortmund, Germany Teaching at the Modern Arnis Best of the West Camp

November TBA Rochester, New York Teaching at the Renaissance Martial Arts Festival

November 10th & 11th Buffalo, New York - WMAA Instructors Camp

For more details you can got to http://datuhartman.com/ orhttp://wmarnis.com/ or http://datuhartmanpresents.com/