Battle at the Boardwalk


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Jun 3, 2005
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Don't miss the Biggest Martial Arts Event on the East

*Over 10 Separate Martial Arts Championships!

*Friday Night Fights...IFC Cage Combat,Pro Mixed
Martial Arts

*Asian Festival featuring Performance team from
China,Singers and Lion Dance Competition.

*'Living Legends' Roast of Master Michael DePasquale

*Sunday Night 'Superfights' San
Shou,Eskrima,MMA,Taekwondo & Grappling

*Workshops by World Class Instructors

*Cash Prizes, Championship Rings, Beautiful Trophys
and Medals

*Door Prizes & Entertainment

Championships Include:

Battle at the Boardwalk-Sport Karate
Championship-Directed by Master John Chung, NASKA AA
Rated, World Cup Martial Arts Organization
-Full NASKA World Class Divisions
-All Team events

East Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission
Grappling Championships-Directed by Master Jean
Jacques Machado
-Sanctioned by International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
-Pro /Am
-Youth and Adult Divisions
-Covered by 'Throw Down' Magazine

International Filipino Combat Championships
-Directed by Master Don Edwards
-Hosted by Integrated Martial Arts
-Eskrima ,Single & Double stick

ITF International Championships
-Directed by Mr. Alvin Bernard
-Beginner thru Black Belt divisions
-Team events

USBA US East Coast Breaking Championships-Directed by
Grandmaster Ralph Bergamo,Master Drew Serrano
-Sanctioned by the US Breaking Association, World
Breaking Association
-over 70 Breaking divisions

IFOJJ East Coast Self-Defense Championships-Directed
by Master Michael DePasquale Jr.
-Sanctioned by The International Federation of

IFOJJ East Coast Law Enforcement Officier & Defensive
Tactics Instructor SelfDefense Championships
-Directed by MasterMichael DePasquale Jr.
-Endorsed by the US Marshals Defensive Tactics Club

Atlantic City Taekwondo Championships-Directed by
Masters Edward & James Hsu
-Sanctioned by United Sport Taekwondo Organization,
PCCMA Taekwondo Association
-Electronic Scoring and Bracketing

International Pan China Martial Arts Championships
-Directed by PCCMA Tournament committee
-Sanctioned by The Pan China Confederation of Martial
-Divisions in Wushu,Wing Chun, San Shou, Tai Chi and
Kung Fu

US East Coast Combative Sport Weapons
Nationals-Directed by Drs. Braff & Hufford
-Sanctioned by International Sanryudo Federation

Divisions for EVERYONE! Youth and Adult... Pro/Am

Participation Awards for everyone!

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'Battle at the Boardwalk' announcements:

GHK Enterprises is proud to announce Master Bill
Ferkile (FL) as the Director of the WTF portion of the
Atlantic City Grand Internationals 'Battle at the

*Master Bill Ferkile, will serve as the director of
the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) portion of the
Atlantic City Grand Internationals "Battle at the
Board Walk". Master Ferkile has over 20 years
experience promoting and organizing martial art
tournaments ? events as small as 100 participants to
larger-scale competitions involving over 2,000
competitors. He is looking forward to not only working
with the varied martial art disciplines, but is
diligently working on helping make the event run
smoothly and establishing the tournament as a World
Class event.

*The Battle at the Boardwalk will also introduce an
Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championships in addition
to the IFC Cage Combat taking place Friday night.

*Grandmaster Bob Wall will serve as Head Roaster for
Saturday nights 'Living Legends 'Roast of Master
Michael DePasquale Jr.

*The Battle at the Boardwalk will now utilize over
200,000 sq. ft. of Space.There will be over 60 Matted
rings,Electronic Scoring for all Taekwondo events

*Over $50,000 of cash prizes and awards will be given

*Battle at the Boardwalk, The East Coasts largest
Martial Arts Tournament...
-11 separate Championships
-Friday night Fights 'IFC Cage Combat'
-Asian Cultural festival
-Sunday Night 'Super Fights' featuring matches in San
Shou,Eskrima,Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,MMA & Taekwondo
-Saturday night 'Living Legends' Roast of Master
Michael DePasquale Jr.
-World Class Trade Show
-Magicians,Face painters,Rock Climbing Wall
-Workshops by World Class presenters

Information and Applications avaialble at

Edward Hsu
GHK Enterprises