8 Important Things to Remember When Doing Tai Chi Movements By Alan Paterson

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8 Important Things to Remember When Doing Tai Chi Movements
By Alan Paterson

When doing Tai Chi - like most things you do over a long period of time - you can easily start to forget to do some of the smaller things that you should be doing. These small things are still important, so it's useful to think about them from time to time to make sure that you're still doing them correctly.

In this article we're going to have a look at 8 things to remember about when doing your Tai Chi movements.

1. Every motion must start from your spine, move down to your waist, flow through the legs and feet, then up through the body, the arms, the hands and finish with the fingers. Each part of the body being moved should be emphasised, but, the movements should still be done with a fluid motion.

2. The power of Tai Chi moves in a different direction to the movements that you're performing. The power starts in the feet and moves up, while the movements you make go down to start with.

3. Drop your shoulders in order to help eliminate any tension that might build up. It is said that if your shoulders are always raised you'll get a spilling over of tension.

4. Perform every movement in a slow and considered manner. The reason for this is that the smoothness of the slow motions improves the relationship between your environment and body your.

5. Keep your wrists straight, when performing the Cheng form, so that you'll be able to form a lady's hand. The lady's hand is a very important, yet quite basic trait of the Cheng form of Tai Chi. It is performed in order to encourage the flow of energy throughout the body.

6. You must always keep your knees bent while performing the movements. While you're performing the movements your height should remain constant, bending the knees, and making small adjustments when necessary, will allow you to do that. Think of your head as floating on air at one constant height.

7. Don't allow yourself to become distracted. Focus is one of the keys to Tai Chi, so try to perform it somewhere where you won't easily become distracted. If something does distract you, just carry on with the movements and dismiss the distraction from your mind as quickly as possible.

8. Your breathing needs to be focused, without any unnatural force being applied to do so. This is something that will become far easier, and more natural, the more often you perform your Tai Chi movements.

There we have it; 8 important things to remember when doing Tai Chi movements.

Make slow and considered movements starting at the spin, work their way down to your feet, and then back up through the body to the fingers. Keep your shoulders down, knees bent, and head at a constant height. Focus on your breathing, and keep the movements going if you get distracted.

Remember these 8 things and you should start to get the most out of your sessions of Tai Chi.