2009 Can – Am FMA Summit

James Miller

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Sep 27, 2004
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I am pleased to announce that the Buffalo Martial Arts Expo will host the 2009 Can - Am FMA Summit! This two day seminar series will feature some of the best instructors from the FMA industry. The current list of instructors includes:

Featured Instructors:

·Grand Master Bobby Toboada - Balintawak
·Datu - Grand Master Tim Hartman – Presas Arnis (Modern Arnis & Kombatan)
·Grand Master Max Pallen - Senkotiros
·Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal – Dekiti Tirsia Kali
·Grand Master Robert Castro – Eskabo Daan
·Master Michael Giron - "Bahala Na" Original Giron Escrima
Special Guest Instructor
·Master Jason Arnold - Parker’s Kenpo and Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Buffalo Martial Arts & Fitness Expo
held at the
Buffalo Niagara Court Center
425 Myer Rd
West Seneca, NY 14224

October 17, 2009 10am - 4pm
October 18, 2009 10am - 3pm

Only $10 a day!!! This is not a typo. You get to training with Masters and Grand Masters for only $10 a day!

Don’t miss out on this historic event!

This event is sponsored by: FMATalk.com, KenpoTalk.com and MartialTalk.com

For more information on the:
Can - Am Filipino Martial Arts Summit or the Buffalo Martial Arts & Fitness Expo
go to
Email - info@buffalomartialartsexpo.com
Phone: 716-880-5352

Note - All of the instructors have confirmed their attendance at this event. However, we are not responsible for changes in their personal itineraries.


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Datu Tim Hartman

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Aug 26, 2001
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Buffalo, NY USA
As most of you may already know, the Philippine islands have been hit by Typhoon Ondoy. The effects of this typhoon were so severe that over a quarter of a million people have been displaced from their homes. In an attempt to help these people in their time of need, we will be collecting donations at the Buffalo Martial Arts and Fitness Expo. Seeing that the Can-Am Filipino Martial Arts Summit is taking place at the Expo, we felt that it would be appropriate to set up a station for those who wished to donate. We will be accepting cash, money orders and PayPal donations. This money will then be sent to the Filipino Red Cross. For those who are planning sizeable donations, we recommend sending the funds directly to the Filipino Red Cross. If you need help making your donation through PayPal, please do not hesitate to contact us.
In case you have not received information on the Buffalo Martial Arts & Fitness Expo or the Can-Am Filipino Martial Arts Summit, we are attaching all the pertinent information.

Datu Tim Hartman
World Modern Arnis Alliance
Buffalo Martial Arts & Fitness Expo
Horizon Martial Arts

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