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  1. D

    Return to judo or try something else?

    Hi, im 19 and i used to do judo when i was a bit younger but i ended up leaving because my old coach was a bit of a dick and made me feel uncomfortable (i left at orange belt). Since i was young to present i always watched mma and grappling like ADCC, One SG,Olympic judo, olympic wrestling etc...
  2. J

    Yasuke - Was He Both The First Foreign Samurai and Sumo Wrestler?

    Hi Guys, I did a lot of research on Yasuke, the African man who some argue was the first non-Japanese samurai. I also make the argument that he could be the first foreign sumo wrestler. I'd be grateful for your views on the video, as well as any further information that you'd like to share.
  3. Syed01

    Wrestling or Judo/BJJ?

    Currently I am thinking about learning grappling as i have zero experience in groundwork/grappling skill. I see there are three options available for me. Wrestling (Greco Roman/Freestyle), Judo & BJJ. About BJJ it's the most expensive to learn with the least class available in a week (Like 2...