white belt

  1. Choistic

    Why am I White Belt in the Website?

    Why am I White Belt in the Website? How do I promote?
  2. A

    White Belt Curriculum

    For Striking martial Arts: I have been in two schools, my first school the average time was 2 months my second was 3-4 months. Some schools have white belts for 6-8 months. How do they keep white belts entertained for that long, especially when most schools do not let white belts spar. In your...
  3. Groark

    Goju-Ryu white belt testing soon. Can we talk about stances and kicks?

    One of my most basic stances is han zenkutsu dachi, and that is where a lot of fighting and movements begin with. I have a problem when I try a basic front kick and I move or rise my body along with the kick. I do this when I slide forward as well, and my Sensei tells me that what I want to do...