1. O

    Am I caring about others too much?

    So I've started training BJJ 7-8 Weeks ago, so you'd call me the new guy right? That's what I thought. However, I've been left stumped recently with my training and how well its going; let me give context. - I'm the only White Belt with no stripes. - I have previous experience in Karate and...
  2. NinjaChristian

    Is Karate a martial art? (please read full post)

    Is Karate a martial art, or just a name for martial arts of certain origin? I ask the same question of Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, Akido, or any other name that encompasses multiple styles of fighting. When you say "I practice Taekwondo" or "I practice Hapkido", what are you really saying?