1. D

    Tapered vs Straight Bo Staff

    So I'm looking to get a new Bo Staff, but I need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which any you guys prefer and why?
  2. Ivan

    Darth Maul Staff style

    Hey guys, I've owned a Bo for about a year or so now and have attempted teaching myself some basic Okinawan Kobudo and Shaolin Wushu with it. I always found Shaolin extremely uncomfortable (though I got used to Kobudo, eventually) as my father had taught me the use of a staff with a double...
  3. D

    What size B to get

    Hey guys, What size Bo staff should I get. Im around 5ft7
  4. Ivan

    Links to durable Bo that can be used for contact training?

    I have looked everywhere to find a wooden Bo that can be used for hard contact training. I wish to to buy a Bo that is: Durable and can withstand full force contact sparring Wooden would be best Preferably on the heavier side (to build up strength) and around 6 foot I have looked on eBay...
  5. Ivan

    Staff in the UK

    I live in the UK and I am 16 years old. I wish to buy a staff, specifically this one: Martial Arts Wooden Bo Staff Red Oak Thick 1.20" Diameter 72" 6ft Sticks Bong | eBay I have a few questions beforehand though. 1. Is it legal for me to buy it, have it delivered to me, own it, and practice...