1. Ivan

    Has anyone managed to use spears in sparring succesfully?

    I have managed to use them quite a bit in taekwondo, but only because I have been strengthening my fingers for a while now - I can do two finger pushups, which is one of my proudest accomplishments hahaha. But how do you guys use them? I've been avoiding it, due to posing a greater risk, and it...
  2. O

    Just fell in a weapons gold-mine looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, Recently I stumbled upon what appears to be a weapons gold mine. This Sword-smith from Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico just moved in next door I Googled this Ocotlan place and it turns out that there is a rich swordsmithing history there, they do everything from functional historical...
  3. Braxchat

    Custom Yari Spear / Bo staff

    Hi there! This is my first post and I'm Looking to make a custom Yari spear. I love practicing with my bo staff but lately have been peeking into spears. Although it's a pretty simple concept, I do not like the looks of mass produced spears online. And FULL custom spears from oustanding guys...