1. M

    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    I'm 25. I have mental illness. I am not in good physical shape but I am physically very strong. Though a lot of that is because I'm big and I'm only in the top fiftieth percentile of my height so I guess I really mean to say I'm a big guy. I was overweight but I have lost a lot of the weight. I...
  2. Satria Stuttgart

    Satria Fighting Arts Stuttgart (Germany)

    Hey Guys, this is a recent video of my Satria class in Stuttgart, Germany Satria Fighting Arts is a form of Pencak Silat and comes from Indonesia, I hope you enjoy my work! Best, Ben
  3. H

    Looking for Silat Schools in Malaysia

    Can anyone introduce or recommend a Silat school in Kuala Lumpur? I'm assuming there are many but they're hard to find on the internet. Many thanks.
  4. Mouzalina Mahfud

    Internal Power of Martial Arts (Breathing Technique)

    QiGong , Pranayama, and TenagaDalam Certain dynamic (active, moving) QiGong/Pranayama/TenagaDalam methods increase the oxygen uptake by virtue of the greater requirement for chemical energy by the cells. Other more quiescent (inactive, still) methods tend to decrease oxygen uptake due to the...
  5. Mouzalina Mahfud

    Silat Merpati Putih - The Royal Inheritance of Mataram Kingdom

    What is Merpati Putih ? Merpati Putih is the royal inheritance of the Kings and Heirs of the Mataram Kingdom (8th centuries) in Central Java , Indonesia . This style of Pencak is formed since the 1550s after Mataram Kingdom was split into Sultanate (Kraton Yogyakarta) and used by Royal Army...
  6. G

    Russian Systema or Pencak Silat

    Hello guys I have a big dilemma about what martial art should i start training. I've watched many videos of russian systema and i liked very much the style and the movement you do and neutralise your opponent(s).i think its very useful for defending yourself in any situation you are into...
  7. Brian R. VanCise

    Self Defense, Combatives And More At The Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy...

    Here is a blog post regarding what I offer at the Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy: The Instinctive Edge We have recently just relocated our location that is more conveniently located for everyone in Las Vegas! 3250 N. Tenaya Suite 109 Las Vegas, NV 89129
  8. Brian R. VanCise

    Good Training With Mike Casto Today in AGPS!

    We did some good training today with Mike Casto of Anjin Gembala Pencak Silat! AGPS - Pencak Silat & Eskrima - Indonesian & Filipino Martial Arts
  9. Brian R. VanCise

    Combatives At The Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy...

    Here is today's blog post at: The Instinctive Edge