shotokan karate

  1. K

    Recommendation for a new association

    Hey there, My club joined a new association just over 2 years ago. That move was a mistake. We understood there would be some teething problems but more recently the issues are worse than ever. I understand they lost a couple of key members on their leadership team. I am looking for...
  2. IvanTheBrick

    Different Styles of Karate

    I have recently been looking into joining Shotokan Karate and I have previous experience with Shito Ryu Karate. However, what are the differences between styles of Karate? Do they have different strikes, techiniques, grading systems?
  3. BigJavi973

    Old vids of me sparring Shotokan vs freestyle

    This was a vid of ..... shoot... 2009... so it was many years ago when I just got my purple belt... I think if I remember correctly haha.... but yea fought this dude, who informed me that he had already over 20 cage fights (mma).... I think I've gotten better since then, especially with the...