1. Ivan

    Feedback on shadow boxing?

    Yes, it is me, with yet again another shadow boxing video. I was hoping you guys could provide me some feedback on how to further improve, what I do well, what I don't etc. Don't hold back and don't spare my feelings. Here: I was also wondering what your thoughts are on the speed at which I...
  2. Ivan

    More of me shadow boxing with the feedback from the last thread

    Hey, I filmed myself shadowboxing again and took on your feedback from last time. This time I concentrated a lot more on technique and power rather than relaxation and speed. I wanted you guys to see and give me some feedback to improve. Hopefully you guys will think this is an improvement, and...
  3. Ivan

    Any thoughts on a short clip of me shadow boxing?

    Just uploading to ask what you guys think. I don't think I have posted a video of myself like this before.