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    The Sai

    Many of us have an idea of what they are. Those metal weapons with the two prongs on it's side. Many comic book fans are also aware of a certain green turtle with an anger management problem who uses them :P What are your thoughts on these weapons, do you use them or want to use them? How has...
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    Sai from Shapland Sensei

    Greetings to all, Has anyone out there ever purchased Sai from Shapland Sensei? If so, how was your experience?
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    Practising Strikes with Sai/Tekpi

    Hi I brought sai when I was a teenager and found them in my garage after years. Ive started using them properly now (I just used to use them for generic fight scenes when I was younger and never went to a gym or anything). Ive taken up boxing which I enjoy greatly and was thinking about...