1. A

    Thoughts on this Dojo?

    Hello! Im new here and wanted to ask yall about this Judo dojo thats near me, since its the closest to me and want to make sure it seems fine: Arizona Judo Academy: Thank you
  2. Ivan

    How do you know when youre overtraining?

    My father told me I should be working out only once a day. But this seems too little for me. I am going back to my uni accommodations soon and I have been working on a plan to increase my general fitness once I come back. This includes 3-4 daily workouts. The first is at 0430 that will consist...
  3. Kairu

    Advice and/or guidance.

    Introduction/Information Hello, I am a 19 year old sophomore in college. I have a smaller build in my opinion. I am around 5'7 and anywhere between 130 to 140 pounds. (It varies, my metabolism is extremely high. I lose more weight than I gain.) A couple of months ago I became very interested...
  4. D

    I need your Advice/Help!

    Dear Martialtalk Members, I have a Problem and maybe some of you can help me. first Some Background Information: I used to do Karate twice a week, from age 8-12. I was very motivated and I loved the Sport, it was great Dojo aswell. (Not a "MCDojo") I had the Purple Belt. With 13, my father told...