1. Mouzalina Mahfud

    Internal Power of Martial Arts (Breathing Technique)

    QiGong , Pranayama, and TenagaDalam Certain dynamic (active, moving) QiGong/Pranayama/TenagaDalam methods increase the oxygen uptake by virtue of the greater requirement for chemical energy by the cells. Other more quiescent (inactive, still) methods tend to decrease oxygen uptake due to the...
  2. Mouzalina Mahfud

    Silat Merpati Putih - The Royal Inheritance of Mataram Kingdom

    What is Merpati Putih ? Merpati Putih is the royal inheritance of the Kings and Heirs of the Mataram Kingdom (8th centuries) in Central Java , Indonesia . This style of Pencak is formed since the 1550s after Mataram Kingdom was split into Sultanate (Kraton Yogyakarta) and used by Royal Army...
  3. Nanuqcz

    Siu Lim Tao - Proper breathing

    Hello, how should I breath in Siu Lim Tao form? Especially when to breath in, and when to breath out? My Sifu said it is not important, when I asked him. But I don't beleave it. That's why I am asking you here. Based on Qi Gong, I suppose this principles: 1) When my arms goes close to my body...