1. Taekiso

    Will you trust Tech for practicing martial art?

    Hello martial art friends, I've been a passionate martial artist since my childhood, growing up with the Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee movies,... ;-) I accumulated over 20 years of practice and some years of teaching as well (mainly Taekwondo). Today with the pandemic we had limited or no-access to...
  2. G

    5 Badass Kung Fu Fighters Who PROVED That Kung Fu is Legit

    Hey guys. New here. Just wanna post this video to see what are your opinions on kung fu. Is it practical and lethal or do you disagree with others in saying that it is bullshido?
  3. S

    What Makes a Sword Style Functional?

    This is for all the practitioners of all the sword techniques (HEMA, Fencing, Kendo, Iaido, Krabi Krabong and more) out there but what do you feel makes your particular or any sword style functional in actual/simulated combat? What does your particular sword art base their foundations in; do...
  4. A

    High kick effectiveness and form.

    I'd like to start out by saying I'm only trained in TKD past the white belt. My instructor never went over high kicks unless they were round house kicks, reverse round house kicks or side kicks. So I've never been sure if i should use the ball of the foot, the top or the heel when throwing a...