1. J. Pickard

    Class schedules

    Just curious to know how others run their class schedule. Im always looking for ways to improve. Our school runs 6 days a week. Beginners Monday and Tuesday, intermediate and advanced colored belts Wednesday and Thursday. Black belt Friday and Saturday. Black belts are also allowed to attend...
  2. J

    Selling my Dojang - any tips welcomed

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking to sell my Taekwondo school in Chicagoland area or even partner up with someone. Any tips where to post? I cant just start advertising it on Facebook, I don't want to loose any students. Any ideas or experiences are welcome! Thank you!
  3. F

    Taekwondo class structure

    I have had a tkd gym for about 2.5 years now and i am still struggling with how to run class and finding drills for my students. I personally feel like i am failing my students, cause i haven't seen a lot of improvement in them, which i could blame on them cause some of them arent very motivated...