1. KuroSasori


    I'm a newbie on this forum. Hoping to make a few friends here. Names Tom. Did a few years in taekwondo.
  2. P

    Hey Im new here!

    Hey Everyone! I just got into blogging and wanted to share it here and see what yall think Black Belt Writer A dojo for a Black Belts thoughts Im also new to doing forums so this is all really exciting for me. Thanks for having me!
  3. W

    Martial arts in Middlesbrough, UK?

    Hi everyone. Im interested in learning Chinese martial arts (particularly Shaolin Kung Fu), but I dont know where to go. My university has Shaolin Kung Fu, but it doesnt look reputable. Are there any reputable martial arts places in this area, or just outside of it? Im not looking for self...
  4. P

    Trying to decide a school

    hi, Im a 46 yr old former wrestler, I did Crossfit for the last 8 years and Im looking for something a little more fulfilling than just working out. My primary goal was to find a martial art for exercise. As i researched more Krav Maga kept coming up on my radar. We have Andrew schools that...
  5. D

    wooden dummy and wing chun at home

    Hi everyone! I'm a relative newbie who took a couple lessons years ago and have just started training at home, not ideal I know but my old teacher has moved away and there's nobody else that teaches wing chun in my city anymore. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions...
  6. J

    Newbie to MartialTalk.Com

    Good morning! Old guy (now) participant in Afghanistan 1979-1980, when we first tried to be on their side. Any other "participants" in here? I was in company of an Uzbek / Mongol woman, Gzhengzhi, known simply as "Z" or "The Z". She was an accomplished warrior with the karambit, which most of...
  7. TieXiongJi

    Meeting and Greeting - I am doing that.

    Hello Martial Talk Forums! I am a 12 year Taiji Player; started in 2003 with Yang -> Competition Forms -> Sun -> Wu -> Chen. I was a regular in the tournament circuit around Southern California between 2004 and 2008. I taught for over a year in Los Angeles out of my Karate coach's school around...