1. VagabondStar

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

    Hello Everyone, After a lifetime of martial arts practice and development I want to start teaching in the rural communities I live nearby because there's apparently no one else. But I have a slight concern... I don't mean to sound elitist or snooty or what have you But I'm a little worried...
  2. Ivan

    Gracie Barra BJJ?

    I have recently been looking to start BJJ as I have just moved to Glasgow. Many of the gyms around me are either closed or too far away. I found a Gracie Barra Gym, and I attended a trial session for beginners last week. The instructor seemed very passionate and zealous about BJJ, his gym and...
  3. Ivan

    What exactly is the difference between "modern" and "old-school" Taekwondo?

    I have watched a lot of Taekwondo sparring on YouTube, and every time I scroll down the comment section I see comments such as - "Ooh old school Taekwondo was better". I tried to look into this and I found this video: From what I saw, and what the narrator was saying, there was something...
  4. Morningstar

    Cultivator Player

    Greeting to all Cultivators I'm new here, looking forward learning from everybody here. My background when i as young was Taekwondo but I bored and left when I was a blackbelt. In passed 9-10 years, I been a cultivator player from meditation, qigong, medical qigong, reiki, yoga, spring...
  5. Aaron

    Breaking into XMA

    Hey ya'll I've a background in traditional Kenpo Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Muay Thai as well as having dabbled into a little bit of other Martial Arts and I'm wanting to break into something like what Mike Chat does with his Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) putting a little more emphasis on the "art" side...
  6. Superperson

    Red Flag for School?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a question. I'm currently taking Hapkido with a little Taekwondo mixed in. (My school has you learn both if you take Hapkido.) I'm very new to this style and new to my current school. I want to start by saying I think my teacher is great, or he seems to be...
  7. K

    Hi Im New To TaeKwonDo I Need Help

    I need some tips on flexibility,kicks,health etc etc I'm also having trouble with stance blocking I just need some help thanks in advance
  8. Kenposcholar

    Happy New Year & EVE !!!

    Let's make a great 2017 tomorrow!
  9. Ademadis


    Hi! My name is Jake and I'm a History student studying in the East Midlands, England. I've been learning Shotokan Karate for around half a year (started in January) and have had previous experience with Tae Kwon Do as a kid. Honestly I love Karate and I doubt I will ever stop again. I've joined...
  10. E

    Is it too late to start ? Which martial art ?

    Hello everybody. First of all, i'm 19 years old and want to get into martial art for the sport, training and self defense. Would it be too late to get into it ? Second, I've been interested in Martial arts for quite a while now and tried Aikido but that didn't really work out because the...