multiple opponents

  1. A


    Search out in Youtube a video about Russian Krav Maga. It looks beyond belief. And I have a question, of course. Does it work and exist in reality or Krav Maga is applicable only for videos? Wanted to start Krav Maga but I'm not sure if it is not just a waste of time. Especially, for girls...
  2. Isaiah90

    Why Filipino martial arts will get you killed in self defense

    I explain why FMA will get you beaten or killed in self defense. Wrong mindset - FMA train for fights, not self defense. FMA were used during a time of war against the Spanish. The claims that FMA helped Filipinos defeat the Spanish during the Philippine revolution are exaggerated. If you...
  3. I

    Against striker, kicker, wrestler, knife, stick, chain, multiple opponents

    Hi Guys, I wish to examine and get your thoughts on certain topics 1-7. In Our Systema we ask students to practise and show their work of the following: (as part of their exam) 1. work against one striker (e.g. boxer type) 2. work against one kicker (e.g. kick boxer, taekwondo guy) 3. work...