mixed martial arts

  1. G

    Panantukan in Boxing and MMA

    Hey guys. Just want to share this video my online friend made about panantukan techniques used in professional fighting. Its got some interesting info and some Im a bit skeptical about. But overall, its an informative little video essay. What are your thoughts on it? I always consider...
  2. D

    New "MMA Sport" Idea of Mine

    I've mulled over this idea of a different kind of MMA sport fighting and I want to know your thoughts. The foundation as far as rules would be by and large the official MMA or UFC rules with the following alterations: 1. A submission or "tap out" is not the end of the match, it is the end of...
  3. EMT

    Muay Thai in MMA

    There is no modern MMA without Thai Kickboxing. Low kicks, elbow and knee strikes are integral parts of Mixed Martial Arts. Stand up striking in the UFC is just Muay Thai and Western Boxing of course with some marginal amount of other martial arts. My point is that while there's a lot of boxing...
  4. J

    Cross-Training in Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwondo

    I've been training in ITF Tae Kwondo for a while and will be grading for my blue belt this week. I was just wondering what opinions are of training in both Tae Kwondo and Kuk Sool Won as I have found a very good school in my area for this.
  5. MAfreak

    sparring with everyone :)

    hello everyone! my name is tobias and i'm a martial arts enthusiast from germany. i started with karate and took lessons in (or watched to) many other styles to find out what are they doing differently and why (judo, jiu jitsu, kobudo, (kick)boxing, krav maga etc.). however to introduce myself i...