1. adamr01

    Are you training in a McDojo?

    I have often wondered why some MA schools that arguably should be great schools run by very accomplished martial artists, keep losing students. At first I thought it was because being a great martial artist and instructor, and running a great martial arts school are two different things. And...
  2. Choistic

    I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST)

    (Originally Posted on Reddit) I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST) r/martialarts To whoever is reading this, I go to a Kukkiwon Studio. I am currently a 4th keup (Red belt) in Kukkiwon Style Taekwondo. Recently, I have gotten very concerned about the quality of my studio. It...
  3. IvanTheBrick

    I have the option of training Kempo... my new college. But how do I know the classes are not of a McDojo? Anything I should look out for? And what would be a reasonable price in GDP? I do not have any experience in grappling arts, so I don't know what a good or bad grappling instructor and classes are like. Thanks.
  4. Superperson

    Red Flag for School?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a question. I'm currently taking Hapkido with a little Taekwondo mixed in. (My school has you learn both if you take Hapkido.) I'm very new to this style and new to my current school. I want to start by saying I think my teacher is great, or he seems to be...
  5. D

    I need your Advice/Help!

    Dear Martialtalk Members, I have a Problem and maybe some of you can help me. first Some Background Information: I used to do Karate twice a week, from age 8-12. I was very motivated and I loved the Sport, it was great Dojo aswell. (Not a "MCDojo") I had the Purple Belt. With 13, my father told...