mcdojo taekwondo

  1. WhiteBeltNoStripe

    ATA Diamond in the Rough?

    I believe I may have stumbled upon one of the rarely seen "good" ATA schools here in Central Florida. I've been out of training for quite some time, though always looking. I've recently decided I'm not getting any younger and decided it was time to get back in a dojo. I contacted the school...
  2. Choistic

    I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST)

    (Originally Posted on Reddit) I need help turning my Dojang around. (LONG POST) r/martialarts To whoever is reading this, I go to a Kukkiwon Studio. I am currently a 4th keup (Red belt) in Kukkiwon Style Taekwondo. Recently, I have gotten very concerned about the quality of my studio. It...
  3. T

    Mc dojo's and how to identify them. need help

    Hello I was wondering if someone could aid me to identify a mcdojo, as im 16 and none of my family tree has experience with martial arts and don't want to waste all my mustered up will and time on a scam, I'm in a very populated area so majority of gyms are in buildings-malls(just like mine is...