1. Kyokushin_1054

    Martial Arts Literature

    OSU guys! I hope everyone is well, safe, healthy and keeping fit as best as possible during these extraordinary times. Since most of us are getting a lot more time indoors and therefore exploring new things to do, I wanted to share something that I am using this time for: reading even more...
  2. Ivan

    What are your thoughts about Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings?

    I found it to help a lot when it comes to boxing, and it encouraged me to be more aggressive in my fighting style which helped a lot; it only kicked in today, and all the teachings I've read were just racing in my mind and I could feel myself trying my best to apply them in sparring today. I was...
  3. P

    Research on Martial Arts- Please Help

    Hello, I am currently a junior Health, Exercise and Sport Studies major at Denison University in Ohio. I am doing research with my advisor on how the practice of martial arts (various disciplines) is correlated to levels of conflict resolution (both internal and external) as well as emotional...