1. J

    Reading material on ashihara karate?

    Hi there I recently took up Ashihara karate and while I enjoy the lessons I also would like to understand some of these things and practice them at home. I find the lessons to be a torrent of new information and I'd love to be able to do a bit more homework both in terms of understanding the...
  2. S

    Can hard work make up for lack of talent?

    I have been training in MMA, kickboxing & karate for about 8 months. I'm 33 years old & had no prior experience. I'm not the most uncoordinated person but teaching my body entirely new movements has not come naturally to me. From my first class until about 5 months I felt like I just wasn't...
  3. O

    Grip strength training.

    Hello, I'm a Judo practitioner so grip strength is very important for my art however I've always been amazed by the grip strength of Hung gar practitioners of the tiger kung fu, I apologize if I mixed the names and terminology up Chinese martial arts aren't my forte, but I would love to practice...
  4. R

    Online martial arts courses

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to get your thoughts on something. What are your opinions on learning martial arts from an online course, as opposed to at a class or gym? How far can you get learning purely from online videos and so on? And can online courses be a useful supplement to in-person...
  5. Darrencowan


    First off, I would like to appologize to everyone in here for my behavior. It was very unprofessional and for that I'm sorry. I brought up some topics that offended people, I acted arrogant and mean. I would like to get off on another foot. Can you please respect me and what I have to say and...