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  1. G

    Wing Tzun Lifestyle

    Hello guys. We have a new Youtube Channel called Wing Tzun Lifestyle and we want to show people what we are doing... Our topic is self defense. We are a Teacher and Student . Wing Tzun Lifestyle
  2. martialmount

    Ever been to the Yip Man Museum

    Just recently on my visit to china, I make a stop to foshan to pay a visit to the Yip Man memorial hall. Many Wing Chun Practitioners around the world would have like to pay a visit here one day. It has various exhibition material of Ip Man's martial arts teachings and photos, letters written by...
  3. F

    Cool Wing Chun Magazine

    My friend just published this cool Wing Chun Magazine as an iphone/iPAD/Android App. With grandmaster IP Man's disciple Grand Master Wan Kam Leung on the cover. Also, an interesting article with Wim Hoff - "The ice man". What do you guys think ?