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    Taoist Institute-Sifu Carl Totten-Los Angeles

    Anyone in Los Angeles know about the Taoist Institute and Sifu Carl Totten and whether or not he is still teaching? The website listed on google and yelp doesnt work when you click it, and when I drove by the address the other day I saw that the inside was emptied out and the sign gone, looking...
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    Imperial Baguazhang Fighting System (Gong Baotian lineage) Teaching in Bay Area/ online

    Hi, all, For anyone interested in learning baguazhang with applications to fighting, my teacher Steven Zhou (Zou Zenghua) is currently teaching at the Bay Area (Fremont/Union City) in Northern California as well as through online curriculum. The website (imperial bagua or just google The North...
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    Looking for Internal Arts intructors in

    Hi, newcomer here. Dont know where exactly to ask, so i thought the beginners corner may be the best place to start. I織ll be travelling (from Spain) to Asia late this year and i want to take the chance and study an internal art. Yiquan would be perfect as i have some training but any other...