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    Vivian fights Randy

    Who would win in a fight to the death between these two combatants? 1st Combatant: She is a 17 year old white girl who is a bit taller than most average American males her age. Her body is slim but she is very strong in that she can lift many heavy objects. Her name is Vivian. She has long...
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    Tatami Cutting With Hanwei x Tinker Bastard Sword

    Hey guys, this is my first post here so I hope this is the right place to share. Recently started HEMA a couple of months back, so I'm excited to be a part of the community. Here's a couple of my cuts, any and all feedback would be appreciated This ones right to left/left to right womans guard...
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    HEMA anyone?

    Funny vid on HEMA in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
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    On Cross-training and "Making Stuff Work" (with clips)

    I know that there are a range of opinions on the idea of cross-training. Most people I meet in person seem to be in favor of it. Personally, I think that my time in other arts has been quite productive. I think it's useful to expose oneself to many different styles/masters. Perhaps others feel...