1. E

    Super glue for blisters?

    I always get blisters on the ball of my foot if I practice for a while without any kind of protection for my foot. I am a beginner, so I know it will be this way for a while and I am also exploring ways to toughen my feet up over time. But since I am getting blisters all the time now and I don't...
  2. Metal

    Flexing/bending the toes for kicks /dorsiflexion of the toe joints

    While this is not a TKD exclusive matter I still post it here since I'm a Taekwondoin on the one hand and it's an important aspects of basic Taekwondo kicks on the other. Flexing the toes, pulling or bending back the toes, dorsiflexion of the toe joint. However you wanna call it, certain...