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  1. Datu Tim Hartman

    Balintawak Eskrima: The Legacy of Masters and the Fusion of Traditional and Modern Training Methods

    Balintawak Eskrima: The Legacy of Masters and the Fusion of Traditional and Modern Training Methods Balintawak Eskrima, a renowned martial art, has recently gained significant popularity. This art form traces its roots back to Grand Master Anciong Bacon, its founding figure. Over the years...
  2. Christopher Adamchek

    Kali level 1 test highlight reel

    Thought you guys might enjoy! Here is a fun highlight reel of one of my students testing for level 1 in our kali program The test included demonstration of basic skills and attack simulations of our empty hand, kubotan, stick, and knife material. Level 1 of our program puts a high focus on...
  3. G

    Panantukan in Boxing and MMA

    Hey guys. Just want to share this video my online friend made about panantukan techniques used in professional fighting. Its got some interesting info and some Im a bit skeptical about. But overall, its an informative little video essay. What are your thoughts on it? I always consider...
  4. D

    Does sagasa kickboxing still exist?

    Does sagasa kickboxing still exist? And what's the similar concepts between sagasa and yaw-yan?
  5. Isaiah90

    Why Filipino martial arts will get you killed in self defense

    I explain why FMA will get you beaten or killed in self defense. Wrong mindset - FMA train for fights, not self defense. FMA were used during a time of war against the Spanish. The claims that FMA helped Filipinos defeat the Spanish during the Philippine revolution are exaggerated. If you...
  6. T

    Filipino Kickboxing: Sayaw Ng Kamatayan "Yaw-Yan" (Dance of Death)

    Hello community, I'm new to this forum but, I thought I'd just stop by and share a quick showcasing of a video as part of an on-going series our school will be putting out. Not very many Filipinos are aware that we have our own style of kickboxing that is able to compete on an international...
  7. I

    Need help in determining this school legitimacy California?

    Hello all I'm still new to Filipino martial arts (or martial arts in general) and have never trained in it before. So far, I have narrowed it down to two styles and one of the style is Kombatan in southern California. I tried researching the instructor's name and school legitimacy on different...
  8. I

    Has anyone heard of this style or trained in it?

    Hello, I was looking for a FMA school near my area and I stumbled across a style called World Eskrido Federation Eskrido de Alcuizar. I tried doing some research on it, but couldn't find much, so, I was hoping if there was anyone that trained in this style or heard of it here.
  9. Brian R. VanCise

    Combatives At The Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy...

    Here is today's blog post at: The Instinctive Edge