1. E

    Martial arts with an ax ???

    Martial arts with an ax? Isn't that extremely risky? What's your opinion?
  2. G

    Panantukan in Boxing and MMA

    Hey guys. Just want to share this video my online friend made about panantukan techniques used in professional fighting. Its got some interesting info and some Im a bit skeptical about. But overall, its an informative little video essay. What are your thoughts on it? I always consider...
  3. U

    Want to learn self defense? Advice or tips?

    Hi, So I'm new on this website and I thought it would be a good idea to ask for self defense advice. I did taekwondo for six years and wing chun for 10 months. And fitness kickboxing for two months. However, I still am not confident these styles will help me as I'm sure you know that they...
  4. celtic_crippler

    Orlando Combatives Club now Open

    So a few open-minded martial arts instructors who cross trained with each other got the notion to open up a facility to offer lessons to the public and different club members. We currently have instructors teaching: Eskrima Kenpo Wing Chun Defensive Tactical Systems No contracts. No politics...
  5. G

    Training in Phoenix

    Hey guys where can I find the Balintawak school here in the Phoenix metro? My friend's older brother used to train with Sam Buot but Sam has retired last I heard. My younger gong fu brother is interested in training some Filipino arts so of course this was the first I thought of after seeing my...
  6. I

    Has anyone heard of this style or trained in it?

    Hello, I was looking for a FMA school near my area and I stumbled across a style called World Eskrido Federation Eskrido de Alcuizar. I tried doing some research on it, but couldn't find much, so, I was hoping if there was anyone that trained in this style or heard of it here.